About Us

Founded on Quality & Customer Service: Lamothermic was born from our founders’ passion for engineering complex investment castings. Founded in 1975 by brothers Amos and Gideon Noach, we have grown from that 2-person operation into a corporation employing over 100 people in a 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility. We remain owner operated, and their commitment to quality and customer service is part of everything we do.

Quality + Best-In-Class Engineering = Satisfied Customers: Lamothermic is your premier supplier of precision investment castings – quality first, every time. Our commitment to superior quality combined with our best in class engineering and advanced automation means that our customers get the best castings for their needs.

Meeting All Your Size & Alloy Needs: Lamothermic wants to partner with you for all your investment casting needs. Whether your part needs are the size of a penny or a tire, stainless steel or bronze, you can count on Lamothermic to deliver top quality castings. We service a broad base of industries, including aerospace, construction, transportation, energy, defense and a wide variety of commercial applications.

If you need a partner who is committed to employing the best people, technology, processes and materials to provide you with a quality investment casting, contact us.

Our Leadership Team

Amos Noach, President
Amos founded Lamothermic in 1975 as a young engineer who had a passion for the foundry business, and a love of engineering complex investment castings. He remains deeply involved in engineering and operations and puts the highest value on our customer relationships.

Gideon Noach, Vice President
Gideon joined his brother in founding Lamothermic in 1975 and as the company grew, he transitioned from pouring molten steel and grinding castings to take on the administrative operation of the business. Gideon remains the administrative lead of the company.

Mike Steele, General Manager
Mike Steele joined Lamothermic in 1992 from Rocky Mountain Castings in Colorado. Mike’s leadership in areas of Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement, Information Technology and Operational Excellence have propelled Lamothermic to industry leading practices and superior operating capabilities.

Taylor Seymour, Sales Manager    taylor@lamothermic.com
Taylor joined Lamothermic in 1988. Taylor excels in understanding our customers’ needs and works closely with them to design a part that delivers to the required specifications – every time. His knowledge of investment casting, and his customer-first attitude makes Taylor the ideal partner.

Tom Eng, Engineering Manager
Tom has been with Lamothermic since 2006 and holds a MS degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn/New York. With his 40 years of industrial experience in metallurgy, product development and manufacturing, Tom can help our customers get castings that meet design requirements with the highest quality. Tom is always exploring new solutions to reduce cost and lead time, and to improve casting quality for our customers. He leads a strong engineering team comprised of seasoned experts and talented, energetic early career engineers. Our engineering team is ready and willing to assist in early casting design and to resolve any and all issues to deliver the products you need.

Cesar Ferreras, Quality Assurance Manager
Cesar came to Lamothermic in 2020 from an Aerospace Component Manufacturer and has brought with him over 20 years of experience in the Quality Assurance field. He works with our ISO-9001 team to plan, direct, and implement activities of the Quality Assurance Management System guided by the ISO-9001 specification to ensure continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. As Lamothermic’ s responsible Level III MT, PT, and RT technician, Cesar trains and certifies our NDT Technicians to both NAS 410 and SNT-TC-1A guidelines and standards. He takes our responsibility for quality very seriously knowing our customers depend on the performance of our castings.