Duplex Alloy Castings

Lamothermic pours a wide variety of ferrous and nonferrous alloys. Below are some of the more common alloys and specifications we can cast your parts with. If you don’t see your desired alloy on the list, we still may be able to pour it so please contact us, so we can talk about your needs.

Metallurgical Controls
We ensure all chemistries are in control by checking metal upon arrival and after each pour with a Thermo Scientific ARL 3460 Optical Emission Spectrometer.

Thermo Scientific ARL 3460 Optical Emission Spectrometer

Improved Casting Quality
We provide value added services to ensure your castings meet all required specifications of both the purchase order and blue prints. Services we offer include machining, heat treating, plating, assembly and hot isostatic processing.

Duplex Alloys

We Also Pour Duplex Alloys to This Specification
ASTM A-890

Alloy Heat Treat Condition Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation % Hardness
CD4MCU As Cast, Solution Treat 100 ksi 70 ksi 25% 22 – 32 HRB
CE8MN As Cast, Solution Treat 95 ksi 65 ksi 25% 80 – 90 HRB
CN7M As Cast, Solution Treat 60 ksi 25 ksi 35% 80 – 90 HRB
NIT60 As Cast, Solution Treat 80 ksi 35 ksi 30% 85 – 95 HRB