At Lamothermic it is our goal to make your investment casting purchases a trouble free experience. We offer the following value added services.



Lamothermic has a machine shop with Five CNC vertical milling machines and two CNC turning centers. Three of the milling centers are equipped with 4th axis capability. Our machines are support by Virtual Gibbs software for ease and accuracy when programming.

Having Lamothermic machine your castings can reduce your lead times and keep total responsibility for the completed part with a single source.



Mechanical components can benefit from engineered investment castings. We work concurrently with our customers to optimize the casting geometry as well as the metallurgical, heat treatment and machining requirements of your final product. Our engineering staff will suggest design criteria to optimize all processes and minimize overall costs. With many years of combined casting experience we welcome your challenges and look forward to working with you.


Heat Treating / Plating

We have heat treaters that pick up and deliver our investment castings two times a week. This enables us to provide our customers castings in the required heat treat condition without adding significantly to the lead time.

We have several shops that we send parts to various plating operations. Passivation, Electro Polishing, Pickling, Cad Plate and Black Oxide are processes we commonly have done. The plating houses we use also have other capabilities to fit your needs.

The above assembly was cast, machined (threads), heat treated, plated ( black oxide) and assembled at Lamothermic.


Rapid Proto-typing:

We are able to have a 3D printed SLS pattern (part in pink) from your solid model that then can be used instead of a wax pattern to make your proto type investment casting. This is extremely valuable resource for proving out a concept before making a new tool. The turnaround time on this process is 3 and 4 weeks.