Facilities List

Lamothermic is a leader in the investment casting industry with our commitment to continually upgrade our equipment and capabilities. At Lamothermic you will see some of the best and most capable equipment in the industry.

Below is a list of some of the major equipment used in our manufacturing.
We also have numerous other machines and equipment needed to process the wide variety of product that we cast.

Inspection Equipment

1 Starrett direct computer controlled coordinate measuring machine

Brown and Sharpe coordinate measuring machine

Thermo Scientific ARL 3460 Photo Multiplier Tube Spectrometer

Picker magnetic particle

Fluorescent penetrant

GE Titan X-ray Machine

Wilson Rockwell normal hardness tester

Mitutoyo optical comparator

Various micrometers, indicators, calipers, height gages, gage pins and blocks, surface plates and inspection fixtures.

Production Equipment

Epicor fully integrated ERP software system with shop floor data

Wax Department

3 MPI model 44 automatic wax injectors

2 MPI model 55 Smart touch screen semi-automatic wax injectors

1 MPI model 105 semi-automatic wax injector

3 MPI manual injectors

1 Janke manual injector

3 MPI wax melter-stabilizer and distribution systems

Ceramic Department

1 fully automated VATech Shelling System with Kawasaki robot in an enclosed climate

controlled room

LBBC 48” Boilerclave Dewax system

Melting Department

1 350kw melter power pack

1 175kw melter power pack

1 500lb induction melting furnace

1 300lb induction melting furnaces

1 200lb induction melting furnace

Finishing Department

1 Triplex TRX 750  15,000 PSI water blaster (shell removal)

1 Goff 2024D 3 chamber spinner hanger

2 Wheelabrator steel shot machines (one for stainless and one for carbon)

2 20hp cutoff saws

1 AW Bell MPS40 40hp hydraulic manipulator arm cutoff saw

1 Kolene salt bath cleaning system

3 Empire manual aluminum oxide sand blast machines

2 automatic tumbler aluminum oxide sand blast machines

Automatic tumbler glass bead machine

1 AW Bell RGS430 automatic gate grinder

1 AW Bell RGS230 automatic turn table grinder

1 Hammond automatic turn table grinder

3 semi-automatic table grinders

4 manual grinders.

2 CNC turn table welders

1 75 ton straightening press

1 Greenerd MCA-40 ton programmable straightening press

2 Dake 40 ton straightening presses

1 Dake 35 ton straightening press

1 Mifco 2 chamber hot sizing oven

Machining Equipment

3 Doosan MV 4020 CNC vertical milling centers

2 Doosan CNC lathes Puma240, Lynx 220L (2013)

2 Tree CNC vertical milling centers VMC 1060, VMC 840

Various Manual machines (drill presses, milling, turning, straightening, cut-off and broaching machines.)