Automatic Wax injectors:

Automatic wax injection is used on production runs over two hundred pieces. Our three state of the art automatic wax injectors assure accurate and cost effective wax patterns resulting from excellent equipment parameter controls.

Automatic Ceramic Shell Building:

Our Robotic ceramic system is a fully integrated cell. The computer monitors and controls the Kawasaki robot, slurry mixers, rainfall sanders, and conveyer-drying chamber to ensure consistent quality and throughput. Producing a consistent shell is a critical component of the pouring operation and does insure the quality of the final product.

Depending on the part design more coats, more drying time or different spin cycles maybe required. Each part is assigned a coating program that is best suited for it.  In some instances a specific program may need to be written.  Energy, labor and floor space is minimized in the production of precision ceramic shells.

Automatic Gate Grinding:

Our automatic table and automatic plunge grinders are used on higher volume parts. These grinders are computer controlled to ensure consistent and accurate gate heights in addition to increased throughput.

CNC Machining:

Lamothermic has a machine shop with Five CNC vertical milling machines and two CNC turning centers. Three of the milling centers are equipped with 4th axis capability. Our machines are support by Virtual Gibbs software for ease and accuracy when programming.